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Area wide Realtor Vs. Specialist Realtor & what to watch out for.

The age old question when choosing a new Realtor? A query which comes up extremely regularly in this business. But for a consumer, what difference does this really make to you and should it be on your mind?

There are arguments both for and against each view. I know agents who do extremely well across the province of BC. I also know agents who do extremely well focusing in a particular area. A lot of this will come down to personal preference as a lot of people have a trusted Realtor they always like to use, others know friends and family who can represent them and would prefer dealing with those in their circle. The part where this gets tricky….

If your Realtor is selling single family homes in West Vancouver that are brand new, multi-million dollar projects that only a select few can afford. Are they going to be due diligent when it comes to doing the necessary research into a couple buying their first home for $1,000,000 in the West End, built in 1983. Does the Realtor even know WHAT to look for? Once again asking the question What are the repercussions to me, the consumer, if I don’t use someone who knows what to watch out for?

Before we answer that, I want to point out it is possible for your Realtor to know a variety of areas well. If your Realtor has educated themselves correctly, which a lot do, they can certainly look after you buying your principal residence, then your summer home and then even your investment condo later! As long as they have done their due diligence!!

But here is where the unknown can cost the consumer money. What is rainscreening? What does curtain wall repair mean? Why do I have to worry about septic/oil tanks? Why does closing on a tenanted property on the final day vs. the first day of the month make SUCH a big deal?

Each of the above scenarios can cost you in the $1,000’s of dollars and more, particularly rainscreening. That beautiful little unknown can cost you hundreds of thousands potentially! The above scenarios are physical attributes, but what about local market knowledge such as “Why a particular building can demand a higher price” “What makes a ‘low-ball’ offer in Coal Harbour vs. Yaletown?” or “Why would I want to live in the West End over Gastown?”. We still have not touched on a specialist Realtor being more aware of the future planning of the desired area and the effect this can have on your home/investment.

Luckily with the access to information in today's digital age, a Realtor can effectively widen their area of expertise substantially easier than 10 years ago. But if you come to me searching for a downtown Vancouver condo, then you also want to sell your Prince Rupert residence….. Please believe I will be referring you to a specialist in the Prince Rupert area!

What some don’t know is we are bound by our Fiduciary duties as a Realtor to our clients. If we don’t know about an area, how can we correctly, let alone ethically, advise you on a course of action.

As you’ve probably guessed, we are on the supporting side of specialist Realtors. Our focus is mainly geared towards Vancouver and we’re lucky enough to have experience in a variety of home styles. Sure, we’ll help with your listings in Squamish and in Sechelt, but only because we know and have background there. We can feel completely comfortable in saying “If you have a Vancouver real estate need, we have you covered, regardless.” That’s because that is OUR area of expertise, that’s where we live, breath, walk, eat, drink and enjoy each day, every day. But that is just us, before exploring new territory with your Realtor, make sure to check they have experience and knowledge in the area of your desire. It could save you $100,000’s after all!

As always, we’ve been rocking these streets of Vancouver since 2007! We love to help those in need, especially if your needs are buying/selling Real Estate! If that’s you, feel free to reach out to us on the contacts below.

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