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Mandatory Rentals in B.C!

Posted on Dec 02, 2022 in Vancouver Real Estate News

Mandatory Rentals in BC?!

Soooo a pretty big move by David Eby and the NDP Government here in BC this past week. On November 24, 2022 it is now mandatory for all buildings to allow rentals, and age restrictions (other than 55+ buildings) are out the door! This is to be enforced with immediate effect.
I don’t think anyone is at this point, but just in...

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Is Everyone Defaulting & What Does It Look Like?

Posted on Nov 24, 2022 in Vancouver Real Estate News

Is Everyone Defaulting & What Does It Look Like?

The question on everybody's mind when it comes to Real Estate and Mortgages. Are people now defaulting due to higher interest rates, and if so, what does that look like? For buyers, this is the age old fable of ‘Sellers NEED to sell, so I will get a deal’.
How true is that statement though really? When...

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October Real Estate in Vancouver = Delusional Sellers

Posted on Nov 09, 2022 in Vancouver Real Estate News


This won’t come as a surprise when I say this, and if it does, welcome back from the rock you’ve been living under for the last 6 months, but the housing market is cooling - Canada wide. We’ve known for a while, long enough that the “nay-sayers” cannot argue it anymore. Well now it’s been some ti...

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What Does 2023 Look Like in Vancouver Real Estate?

Posted on Nov 02, 2022 in Vancouver Real Estate News


As we start closing out the year and coming to a slower part of the yearly cycle (Christmas, New Year etc.) We start to turn our heads to what the upcoming year may look like, especially with such a frantic year behind us… Thank God.
To round out the year I fully expect another hike from the Bank of Canada in...

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Follow The Money

Posted on Oct 26, 2022 in Vancouver Real Estate News

Follow The Money!

Your Mortgage explained step-by-step: 
To make a long story short, The Bank Of Canada (B.O.C) goes through their checklist of economic stability points & movement of target inflation numbers + Pre determined mandates. From there they set the “Overnight Lending Rate”. This is the amount of interest they charge the banks to borrow mone...

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Vancouver's Potential Mayors on Housing

Posted on Oct 14, 2022 in Vancouver Real Estate News

Vancouver’s Potential Mayors on Housing

On October 15th, locals will take to the polls to determine who will be Vancouver’s next Mayor. Just as a reminder, you can vote in advance should you not be available that day (I’ll post a link below to various resources.)
So what are each of the candidates saying about the housing market?
Well before we get qu...

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