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E#266 - Not Short Term Rental For You!

ATT: during the park I am discussed the flexibility of house with laneway and basement suite, please highlight the following on the screen” In 2018 the use of Basement Suites & Laneway homes for STR was banned. It appears we have a step backwards on that!(“The new rules highlight that the Hosts Principal Dwelling Unit + 1 either secondary suite or Accessory Dwelling Unit are allowed”) TITLE! - No Short Term Rental For You!BC Short Term Rentals UpdatesInfo:REGRIONAL DISTRICT – METRO VANCOUVER (Langley & Maple Ridge all the way to Bowen Island”Updating how short-term rentals are operated and enforced will contribute to thousands of homes being returned to the market over the next few years”The once hated investors are now being begged for…Affordability crisis, too many investors investor’s are not enough houses…..Land lords are bad. Why – cheap domestic money (gov fed), rampant immigration (gov fed), Free market to the world / foreign currency flow (gov fed), over taxation of housing slowing building process and raising costs (gov fed/prov).Housing crisis…..What to do….Clamp down on the people who have bought and restrict their use so they hopefully become or sell to traditional land lords. Land lords are good, we need them….What has changed? Bigger government, more restriction, more direct cost and taxes to the real estate market.Currently, there are approximately 28,000 daily active short-term rental listings in B.C., an increase of 20% from a year ago. More than 16,000 entire homes are being used as short term rentals for the majority of the year in B.C Many local municipalities have taken action to regulate short term rentals bit enforcement of bylaws is a challenge. So they have asked the province for more tools and resources. PURPOSE OF NEW RULES:-       Give local gov stronger tools to enforce short-term rental bylaws.-       Return short-term rental units to the long-term rental market-       Establish a new Provincial role in the regulation or short-term rentals NEW RULES APPLY TO ALL SHORT TERM RENTALS BEING OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC:-       Through all platforms where people reserve & pay for rental services-       Eg. Air bnb, VRBO, Expedia, Flipkey, Facebook Market Place, Kilili, Craigslist, Classified Ads in News Papers. NEW RULES DO NOT APPLY TO:-       Reserve Land – unless the nation chooses to opt into all or part of legislation.-       Hotels & Motels RULES TAKING EFFECT NOW:-       Increase maximum penalties RULES TAKING EFFECT LATER:-       Provincial principal residence requirement -       Registration system Strengthening Government Tools:Increase regional district fines-       Increased from $2,000 to $50,000 Increase municipal ticketing fines from local gov’s-       No fine amount noted Displaying Business License-       The local governments that require a business license will require that the host display a valid business license number on their listings-       If not displayed, platform MUST remove the listing at the request of local Gov.-       Platforms will be required to share info about STR listings with the Province & in turn local Gov’s. Principal Res requirement for municipalities with 10k plus population in BC-       Rentals limited to ( Principal Residence / Secondary Suite / Accessory Dwelling Unit) -       Exempt Areas from Principal Rez: municipalities under $10k pop / mountain resort areas -- These include: Fernie, Golden, Harrison Hot Springs, Invermere, Kimberley, Osoyoos, Radium Hot Springs, Revelstoke, Rossland, Sun Peaks, Tofino, Ucluelet, Valemount, and the Resort Municipality of Whistler. – but local gov can request to opt-in & opt-out.
PROVINCIAL REGISTRY:-       Provincial registry established to ensure hosts and platforms are following the rules & provide local gov’s info needed to follow up if required.Hosts will be required to include a provincial registration number on their listing. They will also have to include their business license number, if a business license is required by the local government. Platforms will be required to validate registration numbers on host listings against the Province’s registry data. PROVINCIAL COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT UNIT:The unit will:-       Track compliance-       Issue orders-       Administer penalties for violationsTimelineThe regulations and responsibilities under the proposed Act will come into effect at different times over the next two years through a phased approach.
  • Immediately after Royal Assent: Increased fines and tickets, business licensing authority for regional districts
  • May 1, 2024: Principal residence requirement (including definition of exempt areas or accommodations), changes to legal non-conforming use protections
  • Summer 2024: Data sharing
  • Late 2024: Provincial registry launch, requiring platforms to remove listings without valid provincial registry numbers