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E#263 - What To Invest In Today For $100,000

Posted on Sep 14, 2023 in Vancouver Real Estate News

This blog post is talking about INVESTING NOT BUYING

Real Estate: (2 wheels turning - rental return / principal return)
20.5% down 
$488,000 – cheapest east van condo worth buying 
#101 – 2272 Dundas Street (The Nicolyn) 
– Dundas St & Garden Drive 
- East Van   567 SqFt 1 B / 1 B / 1 P / 317 SqFt Patio / updates / 2 cats or 1 dog
1990 building - Rainscreened...

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E#262 - September Market Update + Vancouver Street Team

Posted on Sep 07, 2023 in Vancouver Real Estate News

Greater Vancouver HOME SALES AUGUST: all types
2,296 in August 2023, + 21.4% YoY (1,892)  -13.8% below the 10-year seasonal average (2,663).

Metro Vancouver NEW LISTINGS AUGUST: all types
3,943 newly listed for sale August 2023. +18.1% YoY (3,340)-5.3% below the 10-year seasonal average (4,164).

Metro Vancouver TOTAL LISTINGS: all types
10,082 total list...

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E#261 - The Largest Housing bubble Of All Time!

Posted on Aug 31, 2023 in Vancouver Real Estate News

TITLE: Largest housing bubble of all time! 

here are the video notes from this weeks topic

Canada sitting on the largest housing bubble of all time? (aug 22)
A BNN Bloomberg report this week 
-       Stretched Housing Prices
-       Weak Affordability
-       Over-leveraged mortgage borrowers
-       “Canada is probably sitting on the largest housing bubbles of all time.”
-       2 decad...

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August 2023 Vancouver Real Estate Market Update

Posted on Aug 10, 2023 in Vancouver Real Estate News

This week we highlight notes from the West Side Real Estate market detail:

August update:Sales to active listings ratio July 2023
0 – 12 – 20

Detached – 16.5%
Townhomes – 32%
Apartments – 30.6% 
-       - -
Jericho Lands
4yr consultation 
Original - 9,000 homes
Now – 13,000 homes (24,000 people aprox) 

More than 50% geared towards incomes
30% affordable housing
20% soci...

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How They Make It More Expensive

Posted on Aug 03, 2023 in Vancouver Real Estate News

There are 2 aspects to this whole thing. 

Lets take things back a few years first… 
When you make money easy to get, people take it. 


Inflation – total M2 (cash/bank accounts/anything you can spend) money supply has increased 33% from 2020 – now. 1.8T – 2.4T (600 billion) in circulation.What does that mean, simply as money enters the system...

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E#256 - The Death of Housing and Healthcare Access

Posted on Jul 27, 2023 in Vancouver Real Estate News

Topic Article: https://financialpost.com/diane-francis/trudeau-immigration-housing-health-breaking-point

The Death of Housing & Healthcare access 

Diane Francis published the above article titled: Immigration pushing housing, healthcare to the breaking point. the following are the notes made in the creation of the video at the bottom. It's probably ju...

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