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April 2023

E#245 - How To Sell A Home In 2023!

Posted on Apr 28, 2023 in Selling Vancouver Real Estate

Are you looking to sell your home in 2023? If so, you might be wondering what the best strategies are for getting the most money for your property. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most effective tips for selling your home in 2023.

  1. 1- Pre-qualify your home in the buyers' eyes
As a seller, you want to make sure that the buyer's first imp...

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E#244 - Buy more to get out of DEBT!

Posted on Apr 20, 2023 in Downtown Vancouver Real Estate For Sale

Buying an Investment Property to Build Equity and Pay Off Your Principal Residence Mortgage is a Smart Thing to Do! And this is what we are discussing today!

If you're a homeowner with a mortgage, you know how much it can feel like a never-ending burden. Your mortgage payments, especially if they're high, can put a serious dent in your monthly budge...

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E#243 - April Vancouver West Side Market Update

Posted on Apr 13, 2023 in Vancouver Real Estate News

In recent months, the Vancouver real estate market has experienced a resurgence in sales, particularly in the condo and house segments. According to statistics, the condo market saw a 45% increase in sales from January to February, followed by an impressive 51% jump from February to March. Meanwhile, the house market remained balanced in the first...

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E#242 - How To Get In

Posted on Apr 07, 2023 in Vancouver Real Estate News

Aspiring homebuyers often face a daunting task in saving up for a down payment. In Canada, where housing prices have skyrocketed in recent years, it can take the average Vancouverite up to 20 years to save up a 15% to 20% deposit on a home. However, the government has put in place several programs to help first-time homebuyers reach their goals fas...

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Relocate E#7 - Relocate to UBC Vancouver!

Posted on Apr 03, 2023 in Relocate

Re-locate Episode #7 to UBC: A Comprehensive Guide for Homebuyers

Are you looking to purchase a house in the UBC Vancouver neighborhood? Look no further than this comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about UBC, its history, amenities, and real estate trends.

UBC, or the University of British Columbia, is a unique and vibrant neighbourho...

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