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March 2019

What is the REAL market update saying?

Posted on Mar 21, 2019 in Selling Vancouver Real Estate

What Is The REAL Market Update Saying?

Part of our goal in these blogs, videos or podcast mediums are to educate. However, we understand not everyone has 45 minutes to spare hearing a long drawn out Podcast. So we try to break things down into easily digestible, bitesize chunks. There are some topics that need explaining yes, but if something does n...

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How to tell if a building is a good building?

Posted on Mar 14, 2019 in Buying Vancouver Real Estate

Is This Building A Good Building?!

Just because something fits into your price range and criteria, it does not mean it’s a good building for you to buy into. We’re going to share some insight today on some of the fundamental items we look at when purchasing into a condo.
Now of course, none of us are silly here so we always recommend you read the av...

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5 Tips to Stand Out In A Crowded Market!

Posted on Mar 07, 2019 in Selling Vancouver Real Estate

With Spring around the corner, a lot of you will have been keeping an eye on the market and preparing yourself to list your home in Spring. Well, with Spring officially starting on March 20th, we have around 2 weeks to get you there and ready.

As always, it’s important to take the necessary steps when listing your home to prepare you for success. We...

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