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Shaughnessy Vancouver is yet another Vancouver West Side community originally owned by CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway). The neighborhood began development in 1907 at which time CPR were both the largest landowner & largest developer in Canada. This neighborhood was built as an alternative for the budding elites of the city of Vancouver. Shaughnessy was positioned as a quiet upgrade from the luxury living of Downtown Vancouvers West End at that time. Which was losing its luster, and its residents were in turn looking for new levels of luxury living to escape to. Extreme levels of exclusivity & very tight city protections over the area were part of the marketing campaign by CPR. This was successfully promoted to bring that old West End money up town to this new enclave for the elite. 


Within the complete boarders of Shaughnessy, we technically have three very distinct part to this historic community. 1st Shaughnessy (W 16th Ave – W 25th Ave) which is the most exclusive, most desired and oldest section of the three. Once sold out, 2nd Shaughnessy (W 25th Ave – W 33rd Ave) was developed & sold. This was of course followed by the final stage which was 3rd Shaughnessy (W 33rd Ave – W 41st Ave).


1st Shaughnessy is the oldest & most exclusive/protected of the three sections of this neighborhood, as mentioned. This includes the very exclusive Crescent & Shaughnessy Park. Zoning requirements in 1stShaughnessy are different from the rest as 1st Shaughnessy has officially been considered a Heritage Conservation area. This comes with retaining & maintaining the historic homes and elements the area offers. This also Limits subdivision & densification for the neighborhood. Construction that is allowed to take place here has a very strict architectural design & even landscaping guidelines that owners must follow.


Amenities of Shaughnessy Vancouvers and some of the most sought after. For schools you are offered both very popular public & private options. Point Grey Highschool, Little Flower Academy Highschool (girls), Vancouver College K-12 (Boys), York House K-12 (girls), Shaughnessy Elementary & Quilchena Elementary. The few restaurants and shops offered here are sprinkled along Oak street. The Parks of Shaughnessy Vancouver include Angus Park, Devonshire park, Kerrisdale park, Shaughnessy Park, Vandusen Botanical Gardens.


Thomas Shaughnessy was who the neighborhood was named after. He was the director of CPR at that time. ‘Shaughnessy Heights, a peaceful retreat within city limits” was the marketing slogan given to this new neighborhood when the vacant lots went to market. 8,700 SqFt – 65,000 SqFt were the typical lot ranges decided on for the neighborhood. Purchasing here came with a strict mandate stating that homes built must be at least 6 X more costly than a traditional home found throughout the rest of Vancouver. This is how they segregated the neighborhood above the rest, by way of meticulous home construction. And let’s not forget that Mr. Shaughnessy himself had the final say whether he approved the building design or not before it was allowed to go ahead. Contact me today to purchase your next home, in Shaughnessy Vancouver.