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5 Reasons Not To Buy Now!

5 Reasons NOT To Buy Now!
Let’s jump to it! We’ve been saying all the reasons to buy lately, and how it’s always good to buy as soon as possible, however, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you SHOULD NOT buy right now:
Starting off with Numero Uno (That’s one in Spanish)

  1. Support your local investors
Yes that’s right. Investors in real estate typically have an excellent return on investment via passive income and market appreciation. Especially those who live off their rental property incomes. But these are tough times, why would you want to pay your own mortgage down, when you can pay someone else's down! Be selfless, help those, already rich investors, STAY rich, by constantly delaying your own get ahead strategy.

  1. Reduce Negative Feelings!
Have you ever spoken to someone who missed out on multiple offers? If so, you will know how sad it can temporarily be, for like …. usually 7 days. Why put yourself in a position to feel very short term negative feelings for the much longer term success. Who needs that sort of behaviour! If there’s potential for negative feelings, why even try?!

  1. Your Friend Knows Better, PERIOD!
Who on earth needs to listen to professional real estate agents who have been in the business for years, and work in the industry on a day to day basis? Nope, you’ve got your own ‘Darren’ or ‘Susan’, who knows much more than the professionals! They’ve already confirmed you’re going to get a 25%-50% deal if you wait. No it doesn’t matter they’ve been telling you this for a few years!! They are your friend, so they know best! Think about it, when you’re sick, you don’t go see a doctor, you Google your symptoms and get a 100% accurate diagnosis! BE GONE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS! 

  1. Give Others Success!
On the flip side of point two, by making the adult decision not to buy, you are reducing competition. What happens in competition? Well there are winners and losers of course! Why be a winner, when you can give up your next home for someone else to have. Let someone else have YOUR success. Quit being so selfish!

  1. Live in The Here And Now!
We’re always being told to appreciate the current moment. Breathe it in and enjoy, stop thinking about the future. Not buying right now, allows you to do exactly that! Why would you think long term in real estate?! It’s not like you should think about it because prices will rise over the long term? Or you will one day like to raise a family in your own home or anything? Don’t stress yourself with those burdens and just live in the now. After all, it’s not like those who missed out buying 10 years ago are regretting it now at all?! 

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. 5 totally real, not sarcastic in any way, shape, or form, reasons for not buying right now! Good luck out there!

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