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Way back in 1877 there was the initial idea that the province of British Columbia should have its own University. Fast forwards to 1910 and there was a decision made that a university would be located in Vancouver B.C. By 1914 there were 994 acres of land in total allotted & a framework on the creation of the university of British Columbia as we know it today.


The temporary Fairview location of the university of British Columbia was opened at the current VGH (Vancouver General Hospital) site in 1915. Then in 1925 the permanent location of UBC in UBC was finally opened after pressure from The Great Treck!


The neighborhood of UBC Vancouver is Completely surrounded by water on three sides & has an Eastern boarder along Blanca Street & Camosun Street, North to South. The university had initially allotted the 300 Acre Pacific Spirit / Endowment Lands to be set aside and sold off as single-family lots to fund the university. This thankfully was never needed and in the late 1980’s the decision to keep the forested western neighborhood boarded as-is was solidified.


The university has an abundance of local amenities offered to its residents. From the Chan centre for performing arts & museum of anthropology, to UBC Farm. UBC Vancouver additionally offer all local amenities you would come to assume in a fully functional neighborhood. Beaches in UBC are not in short supply, with Acadia Beach, Spanish Banks & the oh so famous Wreck Beach.


Pacific Spirit Park, The Endowment Lands, Foreshore Park, Spanish Banks, Rose Gardens, Botanical Gardens are the main green areas that makeup UBC. However, there are a number more little parks and green spaces throughout giving it a very natural ambiance.


Schools include University Hill (U-Hill) Highschool & Elementary schools, then of course the university itself. UBC has 55,000 students & 14,000 faculty. There are 6 campus neighborhoods & 994 total acres of neighborhood land. 11,000 student residents also live here however mainly to the south. The total daytime population of this entire area is 80,000 people.


UBC has a meticulously self-governed neighborhood plan by a local board of directors. This keeps things as efficient and deliberate within the neighborhood at large as possible.


All detached residential homes here and located at the North / East corner of the community. These homes make up just 8% of the residents of UBC Vancouver. Building Lots range from 6,000 SqFt – 40,000 SqFt so as you can imagine they provide an elevated selection of homes throughout this exclusively Freehold Land neighborhood. The bulk of these homes were originally building in the 1920’s – 1960’s. Many still original and many having undergone massive upgrades bringing their levels of luxury to today’s expectation. Contact me today to purchase your next home in UBC Vancouver!